Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Lance Armstron essays

Lance Armstron essays Its mid summer, a steamy 80-100 degrees farenheit, 15-35 mile per hour winds blow across the flatlands and mountains of one of the worlds most beautiful countries, France. 189 men, riding $5000 bicycles embark on a journey which will cover the flat lands of the north, and the treacherous mountain passes of the Pyrenean and Alpine mountain ranges of the south, totaling 3282 kilometers with only 2 rest days, each stage averaging 164 kilometers, for 22 days the race will be shaped by crashes, attacks, clash of wills and the struggle to be #1. For many, the race started on July 6 2002. But for one man, the race for his life began in the fall of 1996 Some of the most successful people in life have had to overcome disadvantages and obstacles that most others take for granted. I think Lance Armstrong is one of those successful people. Lisa, Lance's mother, knew things wouldn't be easy for him because she was only 17 when he was born and his father was never in the picture. She raised him enforcing an unbending rule: " make every obstacle an opportunity." Lance developed a love for endurance sports at an early age. He joined a local swim club when he was in the fifth grade and he trained with a coach that Lance says to this day is one of the best coaches he has ever had. When Lance was 13, he started riding a bike to swim practice. His daily workout routine consisted of 6 miles in the water and 20 miles on the bike. Pretty soon Lance became known all around the country because he was already a professional triathlete at the age of fifteen. Lance and his mom would travel all over Texas and other southern states entering as many race s as possible. When he was sixteen years old he was making about $20,000 a year racing. By the time he was a senior in high school his main interest was cycling. That year he was named to the U.S. national cycling team and he left home to g Sports Heroes In the world of sports, heroes are made each day. Some ...

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