Sunday, December 22, 2019

How Is Intelligence Measured - 1395 Words

How is intelligence measured? How is it possible to just have one way to measure intelligence? Is there really only one way to measure every individual’s intelligence? According to psychologists Howard Gardner and Robert Sternberg there is. Gardner and Sternberg have developed two different theories to do so. Howard Gardner’s theory of intelligence is the way in which one carries out life goals. Gardner chose eight abilities that held to meet criteria: linguistic (speak and write well), logical-mathematical (use logical and mathematical skills to solve problems such as scientific quotations), spatial (think and reason about objects in three dimensional space), musical (preform, understand and enjoy music), bodily-kinesthetic (manipulate†¦show more content†¦Each one of them are different and that’s why we asked ourselves is it really just one way to measure everyone’s intelligence? Howard Gardner is a psychologist that developed the multiple intelligence theory. He identified three original domains of functioning, each of which has several more specialized functions. :(a) cognitive or thought area which involves verbal-linguistic intelligence (learning and using language); (b) Logical mathematical intelligence is how a person understands and uses logical mathematics and abstract symbol systems; (c) a sensate area, which helps with auditory components. A few other domains include practical intelligence and creative intelligence. With practical intelligence you may ask questions such as: how does a person relate to the world around them? Do they have the ability to adapt to certain situations? With creative intelligence you may ask questions such as: how quickly can this person solve a new problem when presented with it? Can they automatically apply a new skill when they are presented with the problem again? Robert Sternberg’s theory of intelligence is the triarchic theory of intelligence. The triarchic theory describes three different types of intelligences that a person can possess. The first type of intelligence is practical intelligence which relates to how you react to your ability to adapt to it or change it to suit your needs. Practical intelligence is the ability

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