Thursday, November 21, 2019

Academic presonal statement Personal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Academic presonal - Personal Statement Example Even the global forces are demanding more from the agriculture industry. The high demand is due to the world’s growing population. The mixture of all the elements makes the subject more interesting, it is not limited and with time the demand and scope of the business also increases. There is much more to do in the field, as the demand for food is increasing over the years. This increase in demand has led to increase in the production of animal along with the production with animals the sources of food also needs to increased. An Animal Scientist takes both the subjects into account. It also focuses on an area where minimum focus is being given, everyone is more occupied with technology and that is why very few people in the world are working for the cause and I want to make a name in an area which could substantially contribute to the survival of the world. I am the right candidate for the study, not only because I have high interest in the field of subject but at the same time I have contributed much of my life in learning about the concepts. I have done my bachelors and masters in Animal Science. During my graduation I learned the concepts about the subject that I would be able to apply later in life if given the opportunity to do practical work. Along with my academic background I have also worked in the field with Alghabal Algharbi, in their head office of Animal production. Along with working at the department for research work I have also worked as a lecturer in the name university. I find it very interesting to work in the field of genetic improvement as using selection to improve animal production. Along with my interest in working in the field of animal science I am very much fond of studying the effect of feed activity on animal reproduction under different circumstances. Another area of my interest is using bio and mental fe ed additives to improve feed efficiency, digestion and metabolism and their

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